Creating a healthier world through nanotechnology


Air pollution

Air pollution today has grown into a massive threat to the well-being of plants, animals and humans. InnoFlex’s mission is to tackle air pollution throughout the world by innovating and mass-producing specialized foils capable of breaking down air pollution.

In the Netherlands
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Your average lifespan is reduced up to

1 months
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Of the people

0 %

breathe toxic air

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There is no escape: Air pollution can travel over

0 km
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Each year


children are likely to get asthma​

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Health costs due to air pollution per year are over

0 € Bil.

per year

Impact on your daily life

Everyone understands that air pollution is a problem, but do you know how big the problem is and what impact air pollution has on your life and environment?
InnoFlex wants to create a healthier world through nano-technology. The clean air targets by 2030-2050 become achievable by using InnoFlex’s solution. It is time to take action! Not only the governments, industries, farmers, but also each individual can contribute by a simple action.

For a

Our solution

We have developed a foil that will remove air pollution from the air when illuminated by sunlight. Our foil uses nanotechnology that breaks down articles in the air.
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Impact on others

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"Nature on the Veluwe is in a bad shape, a very bad shape. The main cause is pollution by nitrogen oxides. Unique plants and animals are on the verge on being extinct. “Nitrogen oxides are necessary for the growth of trees and plants, but too much of it causes acidification resulting in plants and trees dying and disappearing from the area."

Asthma patient

"As an asthma patient, I am acutely aware of the air in my environment. The better the air quality, the better I sleep and the more energy I have. I am looking to move out to the cities edge or even the country side to improve my quality of life specifically for air quality."

Building developer

"In the government’s budget for 2022, the housing shortage will not be resolved: the 100 million dedicated to construction of new houses is good for 300 houses per year while there is a shortage of 300.000. Only 1% gets allocated, provided that those houses can be build as the nitrogen oxides phantom is still around blocking many building plans."​