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Creating a healthy world through nanotechnology

About us

We have a highly motivated team with purpose to improve the world. We come from a variety of backgrounds, technical and business, and together we have more than 150 years of professional experience. We are self-driven, dedicated, goal oriented and we lead with integrity. We believe that the world can be improved through innovation.

InnoFlex is always searching for individuals with bright innovative minds to achieve our purpose.


Company culture

We value cooperative results, are excited about the future and have fun. We dare to challenge, are quick to adapt, actively seek new ideas and embrace collaboration. We always strive to be best in class and are relentless in our pursuit of a better world.

Product development is the key driver to growth. Making impact through innovation is at the core of InnoFlex.

We support Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

High Tech Campus 27
5656 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands

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