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Advantage through technology

InnoFlex aims to maximize their impact on the world and firmly believes that key drivers to achieve impact are the combination of best product performance and availability. 

Best Product + Availability = IMPACT

Photocatalysis: How it works.

Our foil uses photocatalysis. This works by using the power of sunlight to break down pollution on our special nanotechnology surface. It is broken down, reacts, and becomes harmless. For maintenance and cleaning, all you need is a spray bottle of water. It will work for at least 10 years.

Manufacturing is key


The patented production system of InnoFlex is highly scalable, has the best performance and can be quickly optimized or configured for specific products. The system will be validated with multiple deposition processes to become the best true mass scale production platform for flexible thin film nanomaterials.

Engineering on the nanoscale

Using semiconductor technology to produce the active layer allows InnoFlex to engineer for a best performance. The performance of the foil can be increased in dozens of ways. Namely improving the layer quality, maximizing contact surface with air and increasing the efficiency to the visible spectrum of light.

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